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Grendel Inc. - pedia The .380 also makes a great cartridge for small concealable pistols. Grendel Inc. founded by George Kellgren, was a Florida firearms company which produced. Grendel P10 - introduced in 1988, the P10 is a.380 DAO with no levers with rudimentary shts and had a large trger guard. It also had no.

Hoosier Gun Works Online Catalog Books It is of a class hher in power than .32s, .25s and .22s. Books Instructions Brochure Minimum $ 10.00. Astra, A-60, 380 ACP,Interarms, Orinal, 10.00. 1. Grendel P-10 380 ACP, Orinal, 10.00. 1, Grendel.

Golden Eagle Training & Safety - Handgun And unlike hher powered loads of 9mm and .40, it can be chambered in guns using the operated pistols is almost always fixed ridly to the frame, making them "strahter shooting". The manuals contained on these pages are files and require Adobe Reader. If you have a manual I do not have listed, I would appreciate if you. Colt Double Action Series 90, 380, 9mm Auto Pistols. Grendel P-10.

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