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RCA ViSYS 25424RE1 Repair - iFixit 4 Line Intercom Speakerphone User's Guide Please read this manual before operating this product for the first time. Hour Format You may set this phone to a 1 2 or 24-hour format. Message Waiting (Not applicable to model 25413) Provided your phone company offers voice messaging service and you subscribe to it, the NEW Mf SS/AGf indicator flashes when the phone is not in use to indicate there is a message waiting. Summary Screen The summary screen shows the current time, current date, number of CID records to be reviewed and total number of records saved to CID memory. Within 60 seconds of receiving a new , the new er information is displayed. Cordless Phone Option It is possible to enhance your phone to a cordless feature with the additional purchase of the H5400 accessory handset and module. RCA ViSYS 25424RE1 troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. as speed dialing, 3-party conferencing, and a 4-line expandable corded system.

Rca 25423re1 4-line Expandable Model 25413/14 Important Information Equipment Approval Information Your telephone equipment is approved for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network and is in compliance with parts 15 and 68, FCC Rules and Regulations and the cal Requirements for Telephone Terminal Equipment published by ACTA. NOTE: If you make a mistake, press the DELETE button to erase a wrong dit Manually Setting the Time and Date The time and date is automatiy set when you receive the first CID . Also, from the display, you can find which line has message waiting. er ID (CID) Phone ID (OI)JOHN Name of phone Battery indicator Hi Time and date OONEWS OOTotal S PM 12/25 CID records waiting to be reviewed Number of records in CID memory 16 er ID INCOMING Hi L2 JOHN SMITH 1-317-123-4567 PM 12/25 L3: 555-1234 LI: L2: 1-317-123-4567 L4: NEW Receiving and Storing CID Records This unit receives and displays information transmitted by your local phone company. Use the button to scroll to the memory you want to delete. The H5400 is packaged with an RF module, when the module is properly inserted into the back of the 25413 or 25414 base, the antenna icon on the display will illuminate. RCA ViSYS 25423RE1 4-Line Corded Phone. The RCA ViSYS 4-Line Corded Phone Systems are the perfect solution for your small and. Manuals & Guides.

Line Wireless Desk Phone with Intercom - The 1 Notification to the Local Telephone Company On the bottom of this equipment is a label indicating, among other information, the US number and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) for the equipment. NOTE: If you make a mistake, press DELETE to erase the wrong dit Regional Area Codes (Not applicable to model 25413) Depending on your location, you may need to set up to six regional area codes. All six regional area code fields and Enter Number show in the display. Use the touch tone pad on your phone to enter up to six regional area codes. To manually reset the time and date, follow the steps below. The indicator stops flashing after the message is reviewed. NOTE: If you put a on hold while in privacy mode, no one but you can access the line on hold. Tap the up or down button to adjust the volume one level at a time. This information can include the phone number, date and time; or the name, phone number, date and time. Use the button to scroll through the phone book memories, or use the touch tone pad to enter the corresponding letters for the memory you want to review. Memory Delete/Clear To delete a Phone Book memory: 1. After registration (see user guide of model H5400) you may use your cordless handset with your phone system. Line Wireless Desk. Phone with Intercom. User's Guide. ViSYS. ViSYS. refer to the Instruction Booklet for your RCA Wireless Headset for instructions.

Full text of "RCA 4 Line Intercom Speakerphone You must, upon request, provide this information to your telephone company. Use the touch tone pad on your phone to enter your local area code. Setting Regional Area Codes helps the phone determine the number format to display when a valid CID record is received. NOTE: Automatic time set not applicable to model 25413. 14 Operation Privacy While in use, a line can be secured so that no one else can listen to the conversation. Volume The ringer, speaker, and handset/headset volume is set independently with the VOLUME up and down buttons. The volume indicator scale is displayed during volume adjustment. While the phone is on the hook, press the VOLUME up or down button. The phone stores the setting after the last button press. NOTE: If you have more than one line on hold, and you want to have a conference , you must first select the line on which you want to conference. NOTE: If you have more than one party on hold (telephone line or Intercom), you must select the line for the party you want to conference with. The other stations not in use automatiy activate their speakerphones and receive your page. The unit can store up to 99 s for later review. For example, press the 5 key to display phone book memories that start with the letter J. Troubleshooting Guide No dial tone • Check or repeat installation steps: • Make sure the telephone line cords are connected to the phone and the wall jack. • Make sure the hook switch pops up when the handset is lifted. Make sure the indicator is off • Disconnect the phone from the wall jack and connect another phone to the same jack. Line Intercom Speakerphone User's Guide Please read this manual before operating this product for the first time. Model 25413/14 Important Information.

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