Ford mustang manual transmission fluid change

How to Change Manual Transmission Fluid in a S550 - You can pick one of these up from your local auto parts store. Position your drain pan underneath the transmission and then loosen and remove the plug with the three ehths ratchet and small extension. Inspect the drain plugs and spray them down with brake clean. Use the fluid transfer pump or run a clear tube with a quarter inch inner diameter from the engine bay into the fill plug. Whats up ya'll! I have to say there wasnt much info on how to do this, on the S550's, so I hope this helps everyone looking to change their.

Mustang Transmission Fluid Change - YouTube Shop for the best selection of oil change kits, parts and accessories. I’ll be doing the work on this ’92 coupe which is equipped with a T5 transmission and will be getting filled back up with Royal Purple Synchromax. Mustang Transmission Fluid Change. Johnson's. How To Change Ford 3.8L V6 Motor Oil & Filter - Ford Mustang '94 - '04 - Duration.

Royal Purple Synchromax Mustang Manual Transmission A few items to have on hand before you begin is some quality brake clean, shop towels, rags, drain pan, jack and jack stands, a three ehths ratchet with a small extension, and to make life easy; a fluid transfer pump. Use Royal Purple Synchromax on your Mustang's next fluid change for the cheapest. Ford recommends Ford Motorcraft Mercon ATF for the 2001 V6 manual.

V6 Manual Transmission Fluid Change Won't Once the transmission fluid has slowed down to a drip, re-thread the drain plug. Even though the Mustang has transformed drastiy over the years, changing the transmission fluid for the most pat is verbatim across the board. Apparently there's a problem with the Mustangs between the years 05 and 14 V6 & GT.

Ford mustang manual transmission fluid change:

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