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The Grammarphobia Blog A sn of the Times's? Carhops (waiters on roller-skates) came by selling candy-corn, ding-dong's, ho-ho's and soft drinks. Why do you add an “s” after the apostrophe in “Times's”. Thus when used as a possessive, the name “Times” is followed by an apostrophe plus another. For an answer we turned to The Chicago Manual of Style 15th ed.

Possessive Case vs. Attributives - Get it Write Some couples watched movies from the front seat while their small-fry's slept in their pjs in the back seat. The Chicago Manual of Style 15th ed. University of Chicago Press admits that. This style manual suggests that writers omit the apostrophe "in proper names.

Chicago Style Workout 10 Possessives CMOS Shop Others watched in cars with convertible-top, which were opened up for better viewing. Subscribers to The Chicago Manual of Style Online may click through to. in s whether singular or plural with an apostrophe only {Descartes'.

Apostrophes and plural words - Chicago F-150 — a popular model of Ford's pickup trucks gadget (N) — a useful device or tool GPS (Global Positioning System) — a space-based satellite navation system that provides location and time information hands-on (modifier) a physical learning experience hh-five — a celebratory hand gesture of slapping palms together in the air S4— an Audi car model sell out (V) — run out of items (cars) to sell; deplete its stock of car tradeshow (N) — an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, services and activities wow (V) (informal) — surprise; astonish Drive-ins, which were common in the 1950's and 1960's, were great ways to see full-length, feature movies in the comfort of family cars. The Chicago Manual of Style offers the following examples "Mind your. Beyond that, apostrophes should be saved for plural words that are.

FAQs on Style - The New York Times For the price of admission, about a dollar per car, viewers received a pair of speakers and a parking spot. Why Do Plural Abbreviations Have an Apostrophe. including the Chicago Manual of Style do for using an apostrophe in the plural of.

CMS and AP Style Guide Differences - Rht Touch (Huddleston 19 §4.2) (Sabin 611-613) ¹ An apostrophe marks the boundary of the base word if the word is likely to be misread with the -s suffix. combination has a final plural BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) — a popular automaker; or a reference to its products. A cheat sheet of some differences between The Chicago Manual of Style CMS and The. Plural common, ending in s w/plural or sing meaning apostrophe.

Possessive with Two Nouns Writing Tips CEO (Chief Executive Officer) — the hhest-ranking corporate officer or executive EV (electronic vehicle) — a vehicle that runs on energy from a battery rather than fossil fuel (gasoline). Fortunately, The Chicago Manual of Style sheds lht on this conundrum. only the second takes an apostrophe ' my aunt and uncle's house.

Plurals of Linked Words Grammar Quizzes The apostrophe separates the plural suffix from the base. A few style manuals require a period after each initial of a proper noun J. F. K. unless. CMOS Chicago Manual of Style,GREGG Gregg Reference Manual, MLA MLA Handbook.

Chicago manual of style apostrophe plural:

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