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DIRECTV RC71H Hotel Remote Control Setup Code List Then press and hold the select and mute buttons untill the lht above the av1 switch blinks twice. ive had my xbox tuned to my universal remote for years this aint no hack sorry to burst ur bubble dude most come with the code even the direct tv remote also on some smart tvs like i got u can control it thru the hdmi cord with the remote that came with the tv much simpler havent seen it for a while tho I'm curious if a universal remote could be used to control the xbox 360 or is there something special about the directv remote such as having a code that other remotes won't possibly have? Setup Code list for DirecTV RC71H Remote Control. Version 1.0 2/11/14. DIRECTV Private & Confidential. Page 1. **Note In order to program the RC71H.

DIRECTV Universal Remote Silver RC64 - Best Buy I accidentally did this when I was trying to program my stereo. Using the number keys enter the 5-dit code "21708". I'm not sure, but it WILL work to control DVD playback. directional arrows and the settings button (for menu). DIRECTV Universal Remote Code library; code search; memory protection; previous channel control.

DirecTV, Dish, Comcast, Verizon FIOS and AT&T. - ZVOX Audio Thanks for anyone up to the challenge to try this out and replying. The OP did a poor translation rht out of the Direct TV manual, The link was posted below. Here is the quick and easy programming of the xbox 360, no scanning.1. Move the slide switch under the AV1 (or AV2) icon.3. The following instructions should be used to confure a. DirecTV remote. DirecTV remote RC65 and many other DirecTV remotes Confure the ZVOX Audio.

How To Program Your Samsung Universal Remote Programming the Direc TV Remote Automatiy Programming a Direc TV Genie Remote Automatiy Programming the Remote Manually Scanning for a Direc TV Remote Code Community Q&A If you're tired of using multiple remotes every time you want to watch TV, you can program your Direc TV remote to control your TV's power, volume, channel, and mute functions. You can program your Samsung television universal remote control to operate. remote to operate any other kind of device including DirecTV boxes. remote can control are listed in your user's manual by manufacturer.

How To Program A DIRECTV Remote Control Codes For Universal. Depending on your TV model, this may only take a few moments. Here is how to Program a DIRECTV Remote Control. You can program your DIRECTV Universal Remote to control the following TV, Audio components, Blu-ray.

Remote Control Support RCA Made For Moments If you have an older TV, or you have difficulty tracking down its specific code, it may take a little longer. Remote Control Support. Select your Type of Remote. Remote Code Finder · 2-And 3-device. Remotes · 4-And 5-device. Remotes · 6-And 8-device. Remotes.

Directv Blue or Black Remote Control Manual1 Direc Tv Remote. This "hack" allows you to use a directv remote with an xbox360, saving you around 25-30 bucks!!! Press and hold the MUTE and SELECT keys at the sametime until the green lht under AV1 (or AV2) flashestwice and then release both keys.4. While your remote is pointed at your XBOX: 1) hit AUX 2) hold SETUP until it blinks twice 3) hit 1708 4) hit POWER I haven't been able to find buttons for A, B, X or Y, but maybe you can make the remote learn them?? DIRECTV® Universal Remote Control User's Guide. TABLE OF. 5 DIRECTV DVR and UltimateTV Key Charts. 9 Setup Codes for DIRECTV® Receivers.

Manual for directv remote:

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