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Honda hobbit PA50 camino express moped parts - Treatland A reminder, however, that everyone has to start somewhere. Treatland carries a vast variety of orinal and aftermarket moped parts for honda moped and noped models including hobbit, PA50, PA50II, camino, NA50.

Hybrid electric conversion of vintage Honda Hobbit PA50II moped. Then slap a Lithium Polymer battery (which already have from my folding electric bike)) on the back rack, a throttle speed controller and a power switch on the handlebar. - '82 honda gold wing Interstate 90 day: 33.65 mpg (US) F150 - '94 Ford F150 XLT 4x4 90 day: 18.5 mpg (US) Sport Coupe - '92 Ford Tempo GL Last 3: 69.62 mpg (US) Moon Unit - '98 Mercury Sable LX Wagon 90 day: 21.24 mpg (US) Blue - '93 Ford Tempo Last 3: 27.29 mpg (US) Sh Wing! I have a an awesome 1978 Honda Hobbit PA50II moped that gets about. I think both, automatic assist & manual throttles would be brilliant.

Honda PA50II Parts - Best OEM Parts for 1978 PA50II Bikes Then I can use the Hobbit's gas engine when I want, or switch to electric power when I want. Honda PA50II Parts at The Web's most trusted source for 1978 Honda PA50II OEM Parts.

Expressly Mopeds Forum. Q & A for Mopeds - Network54 BEFORE you post a question, you Mht just Find your will READ previous postings Visitor's may ask questions..try to answer questions other's have posted.. I'm not at fault if you get a ticket for making your moped go to fast.. A home for the Honda Express and other mopeds.moped riders/ site visitors are welcome to post questions or repond to. Online PA 50 Manual at.

Kickstand Classic Honda Hobbit — From a Tiny, Vanished Race of. I am not responsible for accuracy of the response's posted by other visitor's No profanity allowed.either the question or answer.. Comments or questions can be about any model either cal or mechanical.. Jun 16, 2015. The Honda Hobbit was the U. S. version of the Honda PA50 moped. a semi-automatic with torque converter and manual gear selection.

Moped reviews - I have a an awesome 1978 Honda Hobbit PA50II moped that gets about 100 mpg , goes 30 mph and takes me about 100 miles between fillups: I want to convert it into a gas/electric hybrid in the simplest way possible. If you could dampen it, you could hook a vacuum diaphragm up so that any time the engine was under low vacuum (open throttle) the electric motor would kick in allowing you to use less throttle, of course dampening the pulses would require a small reservoir but it should work just fine, then assuming that your throttle is just a 0-5k ohm throttle you can have dual throttle inputs and even have a switch to switch between them. I love my 1978 honda hobbit I bought it for fifty bucks and it runs really well,it's. I've owned about 4 Honda Pa50's over the last two years. all but one i sold for profit. In the shop manual it is pointed out that this is a silencer of sorts i.e. it.

Honda hobbit pa50 manual:

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