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State Administrative Manual SAM - State of California SECTION I: PARKING and TRAFFIC REGULATIONS ARTICLE I: AUTHORITY 1.1.01 The authority to establish rules and regulations pertaining to the parking of all vehicles on a California State University campus is vested in the University President pursuant to Section 21113(a) of the California Vehicle Code and Title 5, Article 7, Section 42200 of the California Code of Regulations. The State Administrative Manual SAM is a reference resource for statewide. SAM is provided in the Introduction, Revising Sam, Chapter 1, Section 0020.

Miscellaneous Accounting Procedures - State Administrative Manual Pursuant to Title 5, Article 7, Section 42201(a) of the California Code of Regulations, the University President may grant permission to park on campus, “to those persons who have paid a parking fee.” ARTICLE II: PARKING FACILITIES 1.2.01 A valid parking decal/permit gives you permission to park in University parking facilities, provided your vehicle is parked in compliance with the California State University, Bakersfield Parking Policies and Regulations. State Administrative Manual. Accounting and Reporting State-Administered Uniform Local Sales and Use Taxes, 8734.5. Full Cost Recovery Policy, 8752.

State Administrative Manual Chapter 9200 The money collected for parking permits reimburses the state for costs of constructing and operating parking facilities. Refer to SAM Sections 8752-8757 for information regarding Indirect Cost Rate Proposals. ICRPs or cost allocation plans CAPs for departments that receive.

Administrative Services Memorandum Enforcement of parking regulations is the direct responsibility of the University. Government Code Section 11010 and State Administrative Manual Section 8752 require the. California Governor's Office of Emergency.

Travel - State Administrative Manual - State of California PURPOSE STATEMENT SECTION I: PARKING & TRAFFIC REGULATIONS ARTICLE I: AUTHORITY 1.1.01 Authority to Establish Regulations ARTICLE II: PARKING FACILITIES 1.2.01 Permission to Park on University Property 1.2.02 No Guarantee of Space 1.2.03 Parking Lots Listed 1.2.04 Motorcycle Parking (Motorcycle Stalls Only) ARTICLE III: PARKING OF VEHICLES 1.3.01 Authority to Require Display of Parking Decal/Permit 1.3.02 Requirement to Display a Decal/Permit 1.3.03 State Vehicles Only Allowed in State Vehicle Only Stalls 1.3.04 Special Permit Required for Parking in specially marked spaces 1.3.04a Clean Air Vehicle Permits 1.3.05 Proper Display of Decal/Permit Defined 1.3.06 Valid Decal/Permit Defined 1.3.07 Sale of Parking Decals/Permits 1.3.08 Decal/Permit Types and Descriptions 1.3.09 Sponsored Guest permits – how to obtain 1.3.10 Special Business parking permits – how to obtain 1.3.11 Visitor permits – how to obtain 1.3.12 Forged, Altered. This chapter provides guidelines for employees who travel on official state business. It identifies the methods of travel available, and explains the payment of.

State Administrative Manual Chapter 1200 Or Unauthorized Use of a Decal/Permit 1.3.13 Assned Decal/Permit Use 1.3.14 Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged Decals/Permits 1.3.15 Duplication or Alteration of Parking Decals/Permits 1.3.16 Meter Spaces 1.3.17 Loading Zones 1.3.18 Timed Zoned Violations 1.3.19 Disabled Person Parking Stalls 1.3.20 Temporary Disabled Parking Permits 1.3.21 Disabled Parking Space 1.3.22 Authorization to require a CSUB decal/permit with a Disabled Placard 1.3.23 Reserved Parking for Vice Presidents 1.3.24 Vendor Parking 1.3.25 Vendor Parking Desnated Areas 1.3.26 Desnated Areas for Bus Loading/Unloading Passengers 1.3.27 Desnated Bus Waiting Areas 1.3.28 Motor Homes/Storage/Camping Prohibition 1.3.29 Parking longer than 72 hours Unauthorized 1.3.30 Inoperative Vehicles 1.3.31 Repair of Vehicles 1.3.32 Parking in a No Parking Zone Not Authorized 1.3.33 Requirement to Park in a Legal Parking Stall 1.3.34 Parking in more than One Stall 1.3.35 Obstructing other Vehicles or a Roadway 1.3.36 Parking in a Fire Lane or Hydrant 1.3.37 Blocking a Driveway or Sidewalk 1.3.38 Parking on Fields or Grass Areas 1.3.39 California Vehicle Code Enforced on Campus ARTICLE IV: ENFORCEMENT 1.4.01 Unauthorized Parking/Violation of Parking Regulations 1.4.02 Unattended Vehicles 1.4.02a 72 Hour Parking or Left Standing 1.4.03 Illegal Use/Possession of Decal/Permit 1.4.04 Impound by Wheel Lock/Scofflaw Abatement 1.4.05 Towing of Impounded Vehicles 1.4.06 Towing/Cancellation 1.4.07 Failure to Display Parking Decal/Permit 1.4.08 Hours of Enforcement ARTICLE V: PARKING FINE SCHEDULE 1.5.01 Parking Fine Schedule ARTICLE VI: CITATION PAYMENT 1.6.01 Payment of Fines 1.6.02 Late Payment of Fine ARTICLE VII: ADJUDICATION 1.7.01 Appealing Parking Citations 1.7.02 First Level Initial Review 1.7.03 Administrative Review Hearing 1.7.04 Judicial Review ARTICLE VIII: PARKING REVENUE 1.8.01 Revenue from Parking Permit Fees 1.8.02 Revenue from Parking Citations SECTION II: PARKING FEES ARTICLE I: AUTHORITY 2.1.01 Authority to Establish Regulations ARTICLE II: DETERMINATION OF PARKING FEES ON CAMPUS 2.2.01 Full Cost Recovery / Determination of Parking Fees 2.2.02 Parking Fee Rates 2.2.03 Waiving of Parking Fees 2.2.04 Special Events Defined 2.2.05 Fees for Special Events 2.2.06 Fees for lot exemptions 2.2.07 Reserved parking for other campus functions The concept of “pay for parking” on campuses of the California State University is at the direction of the State Legislature and is based on the theory that parking facilities must be paid for by the user. Other types of contracts are covered in SAM Sections 5200 et seq.;. the effort to compile State Contracting Manual Volume 1 SCM 1 which contains policies. including SAM 87.1 cost provisions without modification and that.

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State administrative manual sections 8752:

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